We provide conventional and innovative services in the realm of accounting, tax, business management and financial management as highlighted below.
Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

  1. Monthly bookkeeping services

  2. Payroll accounting

  3. Accounts Receivables and Payable

  4. Inventory Management

  5. Non-current Assets accounting

  6. Preparation of financial statements

  7. Exception and Periodic Reports

Financial Management Services

  1. Financial Analysis Reports

  2. Preparation of Budgets

  3. Cash budgets and forecasting

  4. Risk Management Reports


Tax Services

  1. Filing of Personal Income Tax Return and advice on related matters

  2. Filing of Corporate Tax Return and advice on related matters

  3. Filing of Sales Tax Return and advice on related matters

  4. Dealing with CRA audits and inquiries

  1. Materials Accounting

  2. Labor Accounting

  3. Overheads Accounting

  4. Budgetary Planning and Control Reports

  5. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis Reports

  6. CVP/Breakeven Analysis Reports

  7. Preparation of Cost Accounting Statements

  8. Exception and Periodic Reports

Management Accounting Services
Business Management       Services

  1. Review of existing businesses processes as part of systems audit to identify shortcomings in the systems

  2. Developing pragmatic alternatives to systems processes for effective business operations

  3. Developing performance indicators for functional and strategic activities

  4. Developing business plans and strategies

  5. Search for grants and preparation of grants and funding applications.

  6. Preparing performance reports of a business based on customer and product profitability analyses.  

Business Registration

1. Registration of partnership businesses

2. Registration of Corporations

3. NUANS Report

4. Drafting of Articles of a Company

5. Drafting and filing Board Resolutions