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Our customers may include all those individuals and organizations who are interested in seeking quality services at affordable cost. The target clients may include

  1. Individuals and Small and Medium-sized Businesses who are looking for best tax solutions, accounting and financial services in an IT-based work environment

  2. Businesses and organizations that are interested in designing and developing performance matrices and benchmarks to improve their business performance in financial and non-financial terms.     

  3. Individuals and Students who are interested in learning accounting and financial concepts as part of training process

  4. Individuals who are interested in employment related services to seek better job opportunities  

 PanaceaAtZenith.com is a unique virtual and reality organization that is developed and run by a team of professionals for providing accounting, taxation, financial and capacity building services to a wide array of clientele. The CEO of this organization is a versatile and highly competent professional who endeavors to provide best possible services to all clients according to their unique requirements and affordability. The key feature of our services is that although we charge a competitive price yet there is no compromise on quality of services. We believe in the dictum ‘’customer is always right’’. So our core goal is to satisfy our customers regardless of whether we make a profit on a particular service or not. This approach is in line with business ethics and standards of morality sought by any prudent person.

Who are our target clientele?
A Virtual Organization

We are primarily a virtual organization to facilitate our clients from all corners of Canada and rest of the World. The information technology has facilitated the creation of virtual organizations to serve a large clientele without the limitations of geographical and psychological borders. A virtual organization serves the legitimate interests of both the management/service provider and the clientele from a variety of perspectives. These perspectives include low operating costs for the service provider, low service charges for the clientele, better quality of services for the clientele due to technological transformation of processes, a real-time interaction between the service provider and the clientele, etc. So when you deal with us be sure to reap benefits of a virtual organization from all perspectives.